Who we are

Gail Garramone
New clothing and home goods are critical for everyone's well being, but in Fashion Delivers' hands they become a tool for restoring dignity and hope. In addition to disaster relief, our day-to-day donations move through a network of hundreds of community nonprofits to reach people and families affected by poverty, military service, workforce re-entry, domestic abuse and major illness. Every day of the year we help people in need improve their lives. We would not be able to do this great work without a talented and dedicated team at Fashion Delivers. The staff listed below work hard to help people in need improve their lives one garment or blanket at a time.

Gail Garramone, Executive Director
T: 212.279.5493 x209

Carla Fattal, Administrative Director
T: 212.279.5493 x210

Carla runs the administrative processes and financial functions of Fashion Delivers, overseeing the donation of new product from companies and the distribution of the donations to local charities.

Peter Paris, Marketing Director
T: 212.279.5493 x203

Peter helps spread the story of how Fashion Delivers, our donors and our agencies all work together to help people in need and also works with donors to develop corporate social responsibility efforts.

Carolyn Pride, Agency & Donor Relations Manager
T: 212.279.5493 x211

Carolyn manages the relationships between Fashion Delivers and our nonprofit agency partners, and also helps expedite shipments, oversees volunteers and is the staff liaison to the Leadership Board.

If you are in need and seeking personal assistance:
Fashion Delivers provides donated merchandise only to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. These nonprofit partners serve individuals and families in their communities. Fashion Delivers cannot provide product directly to individuals and families in need. To find assistance in your community, check out our list of local agency partners to see if we have an agency in your area that provides direct service. Additionally, a good place to start looking for help are city or county government agencies, community food banks or other assistance programs often run by local churches. You can try searching online for local agencies that may be able to help; using a search engine such as Google with your city name and the words "family services" should show what local resources are available.